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"Shiver of the Flavor Crystals"
- Flavor Crystals

Image of "Shiver of the Flavor Crystals"<br> - Flavor Crystals


• 2XLP

"There are a lot of avenues to create “psych” music. Unfortunately, most avenues taken by bands these days are either heavy-handed or so over the top that they seem almost comedic. The lack of music that seems, on its own, truly psychedelic creates a profound appreciation for the few bands that are able to create something powerful on its own two feet. We are lucky here in Minneapolis/St. Paul to have a few bands who are doing it right, with one of the best being Flavor Crystals.

The band are low key and never have made the splash I think they deserve, but they are winter soldiers in the battle of making first-class, spaced-out psych music. Their latest LP, The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals, finds the band as sharp and wide-eyed as ever, creating a 13-song tapestry that showcases their chops. Whether lower key, almost drone soundscapes (“Bumblebirds” & “OSCillot”), metallic, sparkling psych pop (“Antenna House,” “Diamond Mine” & “Medicine in the End”) or driving neo-krautrock (“Mirror on My Mind,” “Wednesday Bloody Wednesday” & “Billy Dee Williams Parking Spot”), the album is a scintillating journey that the band clearly did not cut any corners to create."