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"Dixie Crystals" - Trance Farmers

Image of "Dixie Crystals" - Trance Farmers

Leaving Records ‎– LR039
Vinyl LP
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"Leaving Records presents the debut album of Trance Farmers, "Dixie Crystals". This is a guitar-slathered, twang-soaked sashay through the unique musical mind of time-traveling bluesman Dayve Samek with a collection of tunes steeped in magical and murky Los Angeles.

Recorded over several years, the album draws from Samek’s experiences on the shores of Venice Beach to the majestic foothills of Altadena. An omnipresent pollutant haze hangs over the whole affair, choking twinkling tones like so much carbon monoxide.

Songs range from tenderly warped ballads of friendship and love to inhalant-fueled rockabilly joyrides. Over the course of ten tracks, a drifting young hayseed finds himself temporarily settled in a sprawling but claustrophobic megalopolis, which feels more like a decrepit roadside attraction on the information superhighway. Sweaty, garage-born ballads brush shoulders with drifter anthems and gasoline drenched doo wop." -LR

A1. Greasy Rider
A2. Purple Hay
A3. Lone Star
A4. Friends
A5. Betty Bop
B1. Gas Can
B2. Whiteout
B3. Fume
B4. Dream Train
B5. When The Right Time Comes